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Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces
  • Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
  • Publisher: Tyndale Kids
  • ISBN: 9781496442277
  • Page: 224
  • View: 198

All rights reserved. Missing Piecesis a work of fiction. Where real people, events, establishments, organizations, or locales appear, they are used fictitiously. All other elements of the novel are drawn from the authors' imaginations.

Someone is playing mailbox baseball in the town where Bryce and Ashley Timberline live, and a missing person's case has caught Ashley's attention.All clues point to their stepsister's boyfriend, Randy, leaving broken mailboxes in their wake, and Bryce is determined to prove it. Will Randy find out before they can discover the truth?Watch out! The Timberline twins are on the loose. Bryce and Ashley are ATV-riding tweens from Colorado who unearth action-packed mystery and adventure wherever they go. From clearing the name of a local miscreant to thwarting a gold-stealing heist, the twins' growing faith and the strong example of their parents guide them through even the most life-threatening situations. With the trademark page-turner style used by Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry in the Left Behind: The Kids series, these fast-paced books will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will definitely be hooked! Perfect for ages 8-12.

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