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Right Before My Eyes II

Right Before My Eyes II
  • Author: Michelle Robinson
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • ISBN: 9781491805459
  • Page: 358
  • View: 611

Rumble in the jungle. “Oh, no. I gotta go y'all!” I announced before I hit the end button on my Crackberry. I ran to the toilet to bless the porcelain god. My stomach felt like it was trying to reach the top of my head.

Journee and Jordyn are back! It's a new year and things have shaken up alot between The Bell twins after the untimely death of Kalena's husband Todd.Coming back alone from her honeymoon, discover if Kalena will find peace with Todd's death and happiness within her own life again. Jordyn's shocking secret only get worst as it takes a turn down a path that leaves everyone more confused than before. Will Jordyn and Chris survive? Now that Jordyn's mayhem has put Journee in middle of her and her two sisterhoods, Journee has to decide what's more important now, the friendship that the girls have shared for over twenty years or the relationship with her twin sister. Chelsea and Najah's lives have changed as well as Journee's when Drew comes home from prison. This is the moment that Journee has been waiting for but is she ready to leave her broken past behindand marry him? Has she really moved on from Jason? On vacation in Cabo San Lucas, things about him are uncovered and the truth is finally revealed to her. As you witness more drama and celebrations, follow Jordyn, Journee, Kalena,Najah and Chelsea as the year 2009 just might be their year after all.

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